Bubble-cars in London

The charismatic car of the future is being designed in a collaboration between Renault and Central St. Martins. Students on their MA Industrial Design program have been rethinking the future of vehicles and the infrastructure supporting them.

Bubble Car In London_01

Bubble Car In London_02

Bubble Car In London_03

At the London Design Festival, the competition-winning entry called ‘The Float’ revealed futuristic ‘bubble-cars’ moving around through the use of ‘magnetic levitation’. The Float car was declared winner due to its ability to connect people in new ways. The vehicle’s exterior is wrapped in transparent glass allowing drivers to become more open and social with the outside world. Removing conventional wheels in favor of ‘magnetic levitation’ also meant that the bubble-car was able to move in all directions without a need to turn around providing them with a new way to connect through tessellation.

Bubble Car In London_04

Bubble Car In London_05

Bubble Car In London_06

Renault themselves are eager to develop future vehicular technologies (such as electric power and autonomous driving) with their ultimate goal of an autonomous electric vehicle by early 2020! We’ll keep a lookout for you and get back to you!

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