Moving four times faster than human construction workers, a new truck-mounted robot is now capable of building a house in two days. The aptly named Hadrian X, by Australian company ‘Fastbrick Robotics Limited‘ is a machine able to lay 1,000 bricks per hour (and without lunch breaks). The prototype can be seen in time-lapse video.

Hadrian X_01

The Hadrian X is a vehicle with a 98-foot retractable arm that can be driven and parked wherever needed. It can cut, grind, mill, bricks before actually laying them. Then, the robot base remains stationary while its retractable arm stack bricks in place. The Hadrian X spreads adhesive on each brick (as opposed to mortar) then uses 3D CAD software and a laser-guided system to place each brick with extreme precision. The adhesive means the Hadrian X robot is able to build a wall rapidly without human assistance.

Hadrian X_02

Mark Pivac – Fastbrick Robotics’ founder – believes that automating the bricklaying process through interacting technological systems is the future and that it is now finally here! We look forward to extremely efficient and attractive future geometries.

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