Billboard Upcycle

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If you’re looking for large-scale mural revealing filigree flights of fancy, then Kelsey Montague’s sprawling angel wings and dragonflies may be perfect for you! Now, fans of the artist can carry her work with them wherever they go! The company Rareform is transforming city billboards into one-of-a-kind bags and other accessories.

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Montague’s previous billboards are being taken down and cut-up to form 50 backpacks, 130 tote bags, and 80 accessory bags. All these ‘billboard accessories’ will be on sale in her hometown of Denver at the IFF Shop or alternatively, one can buy them online at and

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Billboard Upcycle_05

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This takes the ‘disposal’ of outdoor large-scale advertisements into a whole new direction, allowing city-dwellers to own a little piece of art built from the skyline of their city! Smart – and beautiful – stuff! Way to go guys!

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