Aston Martin Goes Electric

The Aston Martin Electric_01

What is left to say about Aston Martin…legendary…hold that thought! Expected in 2019 is something greener than their typical V8 and V12 gas guzzling icons. What we are all anticipating is an Aston Martin Electric car.

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The Aston Martin Electric_03

In collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, the electric car, known as the RapidE, can now be expected in 2019. Designs for the car started about two years ago, but now Aston Martin is ready to transfer concept to reality. Sporting four-doors and monster electric motor, it is expected to rival the Tesla Model S beauty.

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Gossip centers on the possibility that RapidE will have more than one electric motor. With the power and speed this suggests, expect nothing less than one of the most unique driving experiences ever! There is one setback though, rumour also has it that only 155 RapidE cars will actually be manufactured. Better get in early!

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