Algae-filled Living Chandelier

Nowadays ‘lighting design’ is becoming extremely exciting. Case in point Julian Melchiorri’s amazing living chandelier. The London-based designer and engineer has developed a lamp that can both light-up a space and purify the circulating air around it!

Algae-filled Living Chandelier_01

The chandelier is currently being displayed at the V&A Museum for the London Design Week. Known as the ‘Exhale Chandelier’, this sophisticated creation includes algae-filled glass leaves that simultaneously absorb CO2 and release oxygen.

Algae-filled Living Chandelier_02

Constructed as a modular concept, the living chandelier’s leaves can be configured in diverse ways with the lamp itself able to be used both indoors and outdoors (basically wherever purification is required!).

Algae-filled Living Chandelier_03

As a design-engineer and leading biochemical technology researcher Melchiorri himself has been developing the lamp over a number of years, refining its leaf technology until arriving at a perfect state allowing the precise conversion of CO2 into oxygen.

Algae-filled Living Chandelier_04

Currently at prototype stage, this chandelier is progressing towards ‘photo-reactive cell technology’ for future architectural lighting purposes (and doing the climate a favour at the same time!). Great design…we see awards on the horizon for this one!

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