Algae Façade

At the International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Hamburg in 2013, the world’s first bio-reactive façade was unveiled. The façade is able to generate renewable energy from algae and solar thermal heat.

solarleaf 01

The innovative system is robust enough to be applied to existing structures too, increasing its potential for use and benefit. It was jointly developed by Strategic Science Consult of Germany (SSC), Colt International, and Arup.

solarleaf 02

solarleaf 03

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A closed-loop system at the heart of the building’s energy management system transports the biomass and heat generated by the façade to be harvested. With the excess heat from the photo-bio-reactors being used to supply hot water or heating for the building, the whole system works holistically through fully-integrated building services. A living monument to great sustainable design.

solarleaf 05

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Erstbefuellung Algenhaus Wilhelmsburg

solarleaf 08

Erstbefuellung Algenhaus Wilhelmsburg

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