Air-Purifying Two-wheeler

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With China’s new air-purifying bike, around 20 million inhabitants will be cleaning the air of pollution as they ride around concluding their daily business.

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The idea has been set in motion by Daan Roosegaarde an eco-innovator who has just partnered up with the Chinese bike-sharing giant ofo and TEZIGN a leading Chinese design platform. In collaboration, they are manufacturing the smog-free bicycle. Roosegaarde himself expects the bicycle to absorb polluted air, clean it, and then simply release it back into the atmosphere in a single action. This is not a concept for Roosegaarde! It’s already underway in an earlier work of his known as the Smog Free Tower (which is contributing to the pollution issue as you read this article!) Although Roosegaarde’s has a larger vision to see this go global, at the moment, it is only being pursued in China and the Netherlands.

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The Smog Free Bicycle concept was first disclosed in a TED talk by the artist/inventor. Beijing itself (with its bicycle heritage) is the perfect city to take the first leap towards new futuristic smog-free cities. It is without a doubt an inventive, decentralized, solution to an ever increasing problem! Let’s see where it leads!

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