Aerogenerator X

The architectural office of Nicolas Grimshaw and ARUP engineers have been developing an offshore renewable wind turbine. Called the Aerogenerator X this turbine is extraordinary as it yields twice the power and weighs half the weight of earlier designs.


This unique structure is considered by many to be the only viable solution to building the UK’s ‘offshore wind strategy’ in a reliable and cost effective manner. As an unusual variation on the typical horizontal wind turbine, Aerogenerator X does not have the same weight issues as other wind turbine due its horizontality, in particular, the blades are not troubled by self-weight fatigue.


A basic ‘upsizing’ of land-based turbines does not solve any of the energy issues in fact creates new ones! Upsizing in all areas simply amplifies many of the problems originating at the existing scale. Therefore the design has undergone a radical transformation.


It is clear that all many new renewable technologies are leapfrogging previous designs to become game-changers in renewable energy. Britain is continuing their tradition of inventive engineering and design and we at EM believe that the Aerogenerator X embodies true British innovation and open-minded collaboration. We wish them every success.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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