A Living Brick

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The Living Architecture (LIAR) project is developing a building ‘unit’ blocks that is able to covert sunlight, waste water and air into clean energy.

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The collaboration between Newcastle University and experts from the universities of the West of England (UWE Bristol), Trento, the Spanish National Research Council, LIQUIFER Systems Group and EXPLORA have developed prototypical bricks which are based on Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology originally developed at the University of West England. The bricks are harness the metabolic power of microbes (for instance pond slime) converting it into electricity.

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Project coordinator Rachel Armstrong (Newcastle University) aims to build structures (for instance toilet blocks) for people living in developing countries. The walls of these structures would be able to produce their own energy for lighting (current technology can already power LED lighting).

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This new concept for building could reduce harmful byproducts such as greenhouse gases that are destined to make life on this planet unlivable. Living Bricks creators are experimenting with other materials too and their work is expected to be displayed at the 2017 Estonia Biennale. Game changer…don’t miss it!} else {

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