A Jiffy Shower

With the important idea of conserving water, the perfectly named    jiffy’ shower works a charm!

In the English language, a ‘jiffy’ is a perfect amount of time for a shower, especially if you plan to be environmentally conscious and conserve a precious resource we are all low on, namely water.

Let’s use the ‘jiffy’ thermostat for a five minute shower. During this time, this intuitive timer will give you ‘visual cues’ on how much time you have left before the water will cease to flow! A quick, rinse, lather-up, rinse again. – then step out of the shower!

You’re done…care to air-dry!




For more info see: http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/06/03/a-jiffy-shower/#iJIqu77ITqRhL5zT.99}

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