30 Minute Bicycle Transformation by EVELO

The EVELO electric bike company has introduced the Omni Wheel! In only 30 minutes, this wheel transforms any existing bicycle into an e-bike. It makes great financial sense too as the transformation is achievable at 50% the cost of an entirely new electric bike.


EVELO co-founder Boris Mordkovich says “a lot of people already have a bike, and even those who rarely use theirs are often hesitant to buy a second new bike. The other prohibitive factor to adopting e-cycling is cost as new bikes cost in the region of $2000″.



Using this process takes advantage of existing resources and offers cyclists future versatility. Its clever as an existing bike can be ‘electrified’ without the rider having to lose the bike they may have already become attached to.


Other features include a ‘pedal assist‘ that allows a rider to exert themselves to whatever level they desire plus a displayed monitor revealing data about distance and speed. Such devices are set to make cycling less intimidating, hopefully engaging an even wider audience. The device can be mounted to almost any bicycle at a cost of around $999.


Check out the omni wheel at the address below:


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