Integrating alternative energy sources into our own homes remains confusing. The ‘Wind Cube’ concept from designers Liao-Hsun Chen and Wen-Chih Chang is an interesting and pragmatic solution to convert your home with the help of solely a simple screwdriver!
These small and manageable fans have been developed to attach to the outside of a house (using only three screws) and are activated through a power cord and switch. Similar to large wind turbines, they generate power which is then directly fed into your home’s power supply.
Creating a ‘fifteen-fan-array’ can provide enough power for a family of four (at around 324 KWh each month). The fans are connected via a honeycomb configuration that strengthens the overall structure helping it to resist more aggressive winds that it converts into power. A special design feature allows the blades to quickly be pushed nearly flush with the wall, should ultra-strong winds arrive. Simple enough!

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